Senior engineer & Patent inventor:Zhang MingShi
Founded on August 14, 1991 in Hangzhou, the research institute features research, manufacturing and trading. We specialize in the research, development, trading and technical support of strong-corrosion-resistant, high-efficiency and energy- saving teflon centrifugal pumps valve and relative products.

Zhang Mingshi is our director and senior engineer. Zhang founded the research institute in 1991. We focused our research on applying macromolecule F4 materials to corrosion-resistant pumps in order to solve the long-standing problem of corrosion in the chemical pumps industry of our country. We started our research in the mid 1980s, and succeeded in producing the first strong-corrosion-resistant, high-efficiency and energy-saving centrifugal pump in the early 1990s. Until now,we have developed 8 series with 28 specifications and more than 100 units. Our quality control system have been assessed and passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000.

The Strong-Corrosion-Resistant, High Efficiency and Energy Saving Centrifugal Pumps developed and manufactured by our institute are designed in accordance with the ISO Standards and China IH Standard for Pump of Chemical Process Usage. They are state-of-the-art in design with parts highly standardized, and easy to service. The pumps are patented and have been awarded the Gold Medals from two different Exhibitions, namely The Second International Patent Products, New Technology and New Design Exhibition (Guangzhou 1990), and China Patented Products, New Technology and New Design Exhibition(Yantai 1992). This product has been identified as one of "China industry 500 key tech industrialization items" by China industry high tech forum organization committee and China industry economy joint association. It has been approved of " Famous brand in pump and valve industry in Zhejiang province" By Zhejiang mechine product quality inspection head station."Quality reliable,brand reassurance" was rewarded by Chinese technology supervision information association.

Since all surfaces contacting corrosive media are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (which is currently the best anti-corrosive material with corrosion resitant 5 to 7 times as that of stainless steel), the pump can transmit various strong corrosive liquids, such as :acid, alkali, salt solution, strong oxidizing agent, and organic solvent with differnt concentrations.

Both impeller curve and flow path of the pumps adopt the optimized design in accordance with hydrodynamics. Forming moulds were machined by NC machine tool, so the pump elements are of high precision. All polytetrafluoroe thylene parts are press moulded from rasin before being sintered. The process provides the parts with tight molecular structure, high mechanical strength and good wearability. The above measures assure the pumps perform 10 to 20% higher efficiency than existing pumps of the same purpose. The thickness of the polytetrafluoroethylene parts ranges from 6 to 40mm. and the casing of the pump is reinforced by metal.

For dynamic sealing a sub0impeller is designed within the pump. Besides, a polytetrafluoroethylene corrugated tube is installed externally acting as a static sealing,various reliable sealing equipment can be used according to the different condition of different company.Water cooling system is provided to guarantee the reliability ad long service life of the external sealing.

The centrifugal pumps can work satisfactorily under high or low temperature for long hours. The recommended temperature for the media ranges from-195¡æ to 250¡æ.

Our pumps are suitable for such various trades as :petroleum, chemical processing, weapon fabrication, metallurgy, pharmacy, paper-making, textile printing and dyeing, environmental protection, and desalination of ocean water.